Family & Adolescent Counseling Services is a group of licensed mental health professionals committed to the treatment of youth and their families in a manner that meets the needs of the client, family, and community. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care to youth and families in need, and to support them throughout the treatment process. We strive to empower youth and families by providing community-based mental health services and interventions.

What are Community-Based Services?

At Family & Adolescent Counseling Services, we recognize that communities have struggled to keep up with the needs of families, especially those who are experiencing significant problems. The result of this failure to address needs is often the institutionalization of one or more members of the family, in either clinical or criminal justice settings. We believe in improving family functioning so that all family members may reach their full and healthy potential. Our hope is to assist families in their natural environments to develop strong skills and make lasting changes which can lead to happier and healthier families. We believe this leads to building safer homes and communities for everyone.


Family & Adolescent Counseling Services works from a proactive stance, rather than a reactive one, to assist families in the community. We focus on problem solving and the meeting personal challenges using community-based interventions whenever possible. We believe it is imperative to develop youth and family collaboration in the home, schools, and communities in order to meet the needs of our clients with the smallest degree of disruption to their lives.